Lithiumate™ Manual

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Remote access

Helping you by working directly with your Lithiumate™ BMS

Set-up remote access anchor
  • Use a Windows PC that has internet connection
  • Connect it to the BMS controller
  • Go to aeroadmin.com,
  • Click "Run AeroAdmin", download will start
  • FireFox: look for the download through your browswer's download tool, click it
    Chrome: click on the tab for the download
  • Run it
  • At the "Do you want to run this file?" dialog, click "Run"
Contact us anchor

Please, contact us only after you are ready will everything listed above.

  • Contact us by phone or Skype, or, less preferably, by email
  • Tell us your AeroAdmin ID ("Your ID" in the left pane of the AeroAdmin window)
  • When prompted by AeroAdmin, click "Accept"
  • We'll do the rest
  • If we're not talking by phone or Skype, we'll open a Notepad document and use it to do instant messaging with you

(*) Alternatively, if AeroAdmin does not work: install the TeamViewer remote access software ("For the instant customer: TeamViewer QuickSupport")


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