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Pouch cell boards mechanical specs

3D models, drawings

Common specifications anchor
Pouch cell board mechanical dimensionsClick picture to enlarge
Dimensions of various cell boards
Item Dimension
PCB width 0.8" / 20.3 mm
PCB Height Standard 1.0" / 25.4 mm
Short 0.675" / 17.1 mm
Thickness mid-bank 0.10" / 2.5 mm
end board, no conn. 0.15" / 3.8 mm
end board, right angle conn. 0.42" / 10.7 mm
end board, straight conn. 0.60" / 15.2 mm
Mounting holes Diameter 0.110" / 2.8 mm
Spacing 0.475" / 12.1 mm
Max spacer diameter 0.20" / 5.1 mm
Drawings anchor
Part Number Item 3D model (STEP) Mechanical drawing
1PO0000M Cell board, pouch, generic, mid-bank STEP
1PO0000P Cell board, pouch, generic, positive end, r.a connector STEP
1PO0000N Cell board, pouch, generic, negative end, r.a connector STEP

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