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Install - Cable mount current sensor for the HD

Installations and wiring instructions for the 900 A, bidirectional, cable mounted current sensor

HD cable-mounted current sensor
Current range anchor

The HD current sensor is a HASS 300-S from LEM. The Elithion part number is 2CS0900KA.

It is powered by 5 V only (unlike the current sensors for the Pro, which take +/- 15 V).

It has a range of +/- 900 A. (the "300" in the part number refers to its range with the best performance.)

Its output has an offset of 2.5 V at 0 current, and swings up above 2.5 V when the battery is charging, and below 2.5 V wgen discharging.

Installation anchor

The current sensor is already installed in the 40-way HD harness available from Elithion.

Otherwise, it may installed in the field.


  1. Vref - not used (pin closest to the opening for the power wire)
  2. Out - to pin 22 of the 40-way control connector
  3. Gnd - to pin 21 ""
  4. +5V - to pin 23 "" (pin closest to the outer corner of the sensor's body)
Wire size anchor

The biggest wire that fits in the opening in the cable mounted current sensor can carry far more current than the sensor can detect. So, if your cable doesn't fit, the wire is oversized for the application (e.g.: you're using a wire for 2000 A average when it only carries 100 A average).

Regardless, if the cable is too large for the opening on the sensor, you may:

  • Install the current sensor on a copper bus bar, and connect the battery cable to the bus bar, or
  • Strip the cable, run the copper strands inside the sensor, isolate the strands with heat shrink tubing, or
  • Find a different current sensor, with a larger opening (however, please note that we are not able to guarantee the suitability of any current sensor other than the ones we sell)
Current sensor on a bar
Bar-mounted current sensor
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In the GUI, in the Configure tab / Meausure tab / Current sensor box, Load Sensor box, click the "HD" preset box, which will set the gain at 240 A / V and the offset midway at 4095.

(The current sensor itself has a gain of 480 A / V; however, there is a mismatch between the Lithiumate software and the HD hardware that results in an extra factor of 2, hence, the value entered is 240 A / V.)

You can tweak the gain to match actual readings, and the offset to calibrate the reading at 0 current.

Remember to click the "Write to BMS" button to save the settings.


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