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Install - SOC display

Installations and wiring instructions for the 6DS0003K SOC display.

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Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to teach all of our clients proper assembly procedures, which are essential for a succesful project. What we can do is to pass along this info to you:

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The SOC display is a PCB assembly; it is not enclosed.
Item Value
Dimensions (no connector) 1.75" wide x 1.15" tall x 0.575" deep (44.4 x 29.2 x 14.6 mm)
Mounting holes 2 each, placed on a 1.55" wide x 0.95" tall rectangle, x 0.078" dia (39.4 x 24.1 X 2.0 mm)
Opening required in front panel 0.5" wide x 1.0" tall (12.7 x 25.4 mm)

Board-level CAN display mechanical drawing Suggested overlay
Board-level CAN display (click to enlarge), left. Suggested overlay, right.

The SOC display can be installed behind a bezel of your choice. It is installed with 4 each 4-40 or 3 mm screws.

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Connector anchor

The SOC display is connected to the CAN bus and a 12 V power source through a 4-pin connector.
On PCB Mate Pin-out
4-pin Molex C-Grid CL male header
Molex C-Grid CL, 0.1" pitch
4-pin male header
4-pin Molex C-Grid CL female housing
Female housing, locking: 50-57-9404 DK:WM2902-ND
Crimp socket, 22-24 AWG gold: 16-02-0103 DK:WM2512-ND
4-pin Molex C-Grid CL female housing pin-out
Female connector, wire entry side
# Name Function Connect to
1 Gnd Common Aux 12 V negative (chassis)
2 CANL CAN Low CAN bus
3 CANH CAN High CAN bus
4 V+ Power in Switched aux 12 V positive*

*) For example, in EVs, connect to the V+ output of the BMS controller (pin 2 of the white Control connector), which is powered whether the ignition is on or the vehicle is plugged into the wall.

CAN termination anchor

The Display includes a CAN termination resistor. It is the only leaded component on the board.

If it is not required in your application, you may snip it off.

CAN terminaltion resistor

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