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Install - Enclosed, round SOC display

Installations and wiring instructions for the 6DS0xxxK SOC display.

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Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to teach all of our clients proper assembly procedures, which are essential for a succesful project. What we can do is to pass along this info to you:

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This SOC display is designed to fit in a 2 inch (5 cm) hole in a panel.

A U-shaped bracket presses against the panel and holds the display in place.

Round display
Round SOC display
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Connector anchor

The SOC display is connected to the CAN bus and a 12 V power source through a 4-conductor cable.

Connection diagram
CAN display connections.
# Color Name Function Connect to
1 Black Gnd Common Aux 12 V negative (chassis)
2 White CANL CAN Low CAN bus
3 Green CANH CAN High CAN bus
4 Red V+ Power in Switched aux 12 V positive*

*) For example, in EVs, connect to the V+ output of the BMS controller (pin 2 of the white Control connector), which is powered whether the ignition is on or the vehicle is plugged into the wall.

CAN termination anchor

The CAN bus requires 2 each 120 Ohm resistors, one at each end of the bus.

The BMS controller includes a 120 Ohm resistor (which can optionally be disconnected).

The Display does not include a CAN termination resistor.

If the display is the only other device on the CAN bus, besides the BMS controller, you need to add a 120 Ohm resistor across the CANL and CANH lines (in parallel), somewhat near the display (such as at the end of the display's pigtail).

If there are multiple devices on the CAN bus (besides just the BMS controller and the display), then 2 each 120 Ohm resistors must be placed at the 2 ends of the bus. (If the BMS controller is not at one end of the bus, disable its termination resistor.)


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