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Shielded comm cable

Instructions on using shielded cable to connect adjactent cell boards

In rare cases, in electrically noisy environments, when connecting Cell Boards together, if the length of the communication wire would be more than 2" (50 mm), and/or it cannot be lain along the high current path, you may need to use a shielded cable instead.

Before using this solution, first follow the noise abatement procedures, which usually are sufficient to eliminate problems due to noise pick-up.

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warning Li-Ion batteries are dangerous!

  • Wear safety glasses.
  • Do not allow conductive objects (tools, solder...) to come into contact with cells or Cell Board
  • Do not touch more than one battery connection at the same time
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Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to teach all of our clients proper assembly procedures, which are essential for a succesful project. What we can do is pass along this info to you:

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  • Measure and cut lengths of shielded cable to connect adjacent Cell Boards
  • Unclad each end of the cable 3/8" (9 mm)
  • Remove the shield from one end of the cable, and use heat shrink tubing to isolate any remaining shielding from that end
  • Tin the shield on the other end
  • Strip each end of the center conductor 3/16" (4.5 mm)
  • Tin the ends of the center conductors
  • Connect the shield to the 'B-' pad on the more positive Cell Board
  • Connect the center conductor to the 'C-' pad of the more positive Cell Board
  • Connect the center conductor at the other end to the 'C+' pad of the more negative Cell Board

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