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Installation - HD Harnesses

Installation instructions for the 2PH1600HA, 2PH4000HA and 2PH4928HA harnesses.

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Refer to these PDF files for the schematic diagrams of the HD harnesses

  • 2PH1600HA: Lithiumate HD harness, 16-way, complete edit
  • 2PH4000HA: Lithiumate HD harness, 40-way, 1 bank, no sensors edit
  • 2PH4928HA: Lithiumate HD harness, 40-way, complete
back to topCAN port pin-out

The CAN port uses a DE9F connector.

The pinout is:

  • 2: CANL
  • 3: CAN ground
  • 6: Shield
  • 7: CANH

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