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Brusa inverter

Installing and programming a Brusa inverter with a Lithiumate BMS.

The Brusa inverter motor drivers, DMC514, DMC524 and DMC534 are controlled through the CAN bus.

Therefore, they require a VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) ECU (Electronic Control Unit), which provides the interface between the inverter and the remainder of the system (including a BMS). The VCU must be programmed to work with all the components in the system, including the Brusa Inverter and the BMS (such as the Elithion Lithiumate).

The Brusa inverter motor drivers do include generic digital and analog inputs which may be configured at the factory for particular functionality; these inputs could be programmed so that a VCU is not required to operate the inverter, and so that the inverter can be interfaced directly to a throttle and to a BMS (such as the Lithiumate).
However, in a commercially available Brusa inverter, those generic digital and analog inputs are not programmed as such; therefore, as presently sold, a Brusa inverter does require a VCU.

Brusa management has stated to Elithion that certain Elithion-suggested software functions would indeed allow the Brusa inverter motor drivers to operate with wire control (and no VCU), but that such software would only be implemented if Brusa received an order of sufficient volume to justify the effort.


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