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Orion BMS Comparison

Comparison with the Orion Battery Management System

Below is comparison of the Orion BMS with the Elithion Lithiumate BMS family.

Orion BMS
Digital, sophisticated
Distributed (minimal wiring)
Connections to 100 cells 101 wires
4 thermistors
4 small cables
User can configure number of cells
Max number of cells 180 256
Helpful LEDs 12
Strings in parallel 16
Over-voltage / under-voltage / temperature / current protection
Sampling rate 30 ms 10ms~2.5 s
Current sensors 1 2
Integral temperature sensors
Isolation detection
Max balancing current 0.1 A 3 A
Thermal management
State Of Charge / State Of Health / cell resistance reporting
Data logging
Graphics User Interface
Dash-mount display
CAN bus
USB port
RS232 port
Power inputs 1 2 DC
1 AC
Contactors control input
Contactor precharge output
Warning and fault outputs
Charge Current Limit / Discharge Current Limit outputs
Throttle reduce output / Valet mode
Ammeter output
Voltmeter output
SOC meter output
OBD II support
Built in charger CAN compatibility 4 brands
11 models
Built in motor controller CAN compatibility 3 brands
4 models
Field configurable
Self service software upgrades
In the field since 2011 since 2008
MSRP, 108 cells $ 1310 $ 1196

Functions listed assume all options offered in product family.

Prices assume minimum options offered in product family.

Based on information retrieved on 2/24/12 from the Orion BMS website.

The Orion BMS is designed and manufactured by Ewert Energy Systems, Inc which is a research & development company focusing on developing solutions for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Ewert Energy Systems is based in Carol Stream, IL, and, besides the Orion BMS, is the maker of fine products such as the CANdapter and the Prius Contactor module.

Please visit the Ewert Energy Systems website, or the Orion BMS website, for more information on the Ewert Energy Systems' Orion Battey Management System.

Orion BMS, and CANdapter are a trademark of Ewert Energy Systems. Elithion Inc is not in any way related to Ewert Energy Systems, the Orion BMS or the CANdapter.


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