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2CS0900K series current sensors

Cable mounted, 900 A, bidirectional current sensor for the HD Master.

This cable-mounted current sensor is slipped on a high current battery cable and connected to a Lithiumate™ BMS controller to detect battery currents (such as the load current) up to 900 A.

Its resolution may not be sufficient for much lower currents (such as from a charger). In that case please see the in-line current sensors, with currents ranges of 5 to 20 A.

Note that some HV Front Ends already include a current sensor.

Compared to other sensors, a cable mounted current sensor:

  • Can handle higher currents
  • Does not drift due to self-heating
  • May simplify the layout of high voltage cabling
Lithiumate Lite sensor
Cable mounted current sensor for the HD master.


Max current +/-900 A
Nominal current +/-300 A
Cable length 3" / 0.9m


Item Part number Notes
Current sensor 2CS0900K Stocked

Please use the Lithiumate BMS order form to specify a kit that meets your requirements.

For replacement parts, please contact Elithion.


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