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Cell board, generic, single cell

1PR0000, generic, standard Cell Board for single cells

Single-cell prismatic cell board, without ring terminals, without communication wires.
Each of these cell boards handles a single cell, and may be adapted to work in non-standard applications.
  • One Cell Board per cell (or set of multiple cells in parallel)
    • Highest flexibility, as they may be used with any cell arrangement
  • Flat shape
  • A single communication wire is used between adjacent cells in a bank
  • Color coded: red for positive, green for mid-bank, black for negative
  • Fuse protected: a damaged cell board will not discharge its cell
  • These cell boards require a BMS master to form a complete BMS
Generic cell board
The following single-cell cell boards may be adapted to work in non-standard applications.
Picture Part number Description
Prismatic cell board 1PR0000 Single-cell Prismatic cell board, standard
Pouch cell board 1PO0000 Single-cell pouch cell board, standard
Small cylindrical cell board 1SC0100 Single-cell small cylindrical cell board, standard


These cell boards can be adapted to work with a variety of cells.

Pouch boards in an applicationClick picture to enlarge
Generic cell boards with pouch cells


General specifications (for detailed specifications, please see the Lithiumate™ Manual).

Electrical Specifications

Symbol Item Conditions Min Nom Max Units
Vrange Cell voltage sensing range - 2.09 - 4.54 V
Vaccur Cell voltage sensing accuracy Within Vrange - ±10 ±15 mV
Isply Cell load current Stand-by - - 2.0 µA
1-reading / sec
- 1.5 2.0 mA
Balancing - 200 - mA
VISOL Isolation voltage End cell boards
Between battery & low voltage
- 2500 - V

Mechanical Specifications

Common specifications:


Item Nom
PCB Width, mid 0.7" / 17.8 mm
PCB Width, end board 0.95" / 24.1 mm
PCB Length 1.0" / 24.5 mm
Overall height, mid-bank board 0.1" / 2.54 mm
Overall height, end board 0.15" / 3.81 mm
Overall height, end board w/ right angle connector 0.42" / 10.7 mm
Slots for ring terminal For 8 AWG terminal
2 x 0.050 x 0.350", 0.235" apart
2 x 1.27 x 8.9 mm, 5.97 mm apart
Hole for wires For 18 AWG wire
0.060" ID
1.52 mm ID



Each bank requires a positive cell board on its most positive cell, a negative cell board on its most negative cell, and mid-bank cell boards in the remaining cells.
(The automatic quote form will select the correct number of each type of board for you.)


Right angle connectors or straight connectors are available for the end boards.

Part numbering

Part number: 1PR0000M:

  • 1 = Cell Board
  • PR = Prismatic
  • 0000 = center-to-center spacing: not applicable
  • M = mid bank (available:M = mid-bank; P = positive end; N = negative end)


Parts in bold are stocked.
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Positive end Mid-bank Negative end
r.a. conn. r.a. conn.
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NOTE: Negative end cell boards rev D and above (manufactured since Jan 2014) are not compatible with rev C & D Masters (manufactured before Nov 2009)


To order, please see the Lithiumate BMS ordering form.


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