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Lithiumate™ controllers

Masters and High Voltage Front Ends (HVFE)

Elithion offers a range of Li-Ion Battery Management System controllers to form the core of a Li-Ion BMS.

Master only

  • Required
  • Manage the battery
  • Communicate with cell boards and with the rest of the system
  • Optionally, may be connected to an HV Front End through the CAN bus
  • Two versions: Pro (also available at the board level)
    and HD. See table below for differences
Enclosed BMS controller
Lithiumate Pro Master, enclosed.
Pro HD
Case Metal (unsealed) Potted (sealed)
Connectors Latching Automotive
Banks 16 8
Strings in parallel 16 1
Data links CAN, RS232
ground referenced
LEDs 12 2
Current sensors supply 5 V (LEM)
+/- 15 V (Tamura)
5 V (LEM)
Other differences Interlock input Self-protected outputs
Released 2007 2015
Units sold > 2500 > 200
Lithiumate HD masterClick picture to enlarge
Lithiumate HD Master.

HVFE only

High Voltage Front Ends:
  • Optional
  • Lets the controllers perform certain tests before turning on contactors
  • May include an on-board current sensor
  • Available at the board level, or encased
  • Communicates with the BMS controller through the CAN bus
A Remote HV Front End:
  • Keeps the high voltage away from the BMS controller
  • Keeps any electrical noise away from the BMS controller
  • May simplify the layout of high voltage cabling
Enclosed HV Front End
HVFE, enclosed.

Masters with HVFEs

High Voltage Front Ends:
  • A master and a High Voltage Front End in a single enclosure
  • The HV Front End includes circuits that are connected to the Battery and are therefore at high voltage. Putting those circuits on a separate board improves safety in the BMS controller and reduces the chance of electrical noise interference to it.
BMS controller w/HV Front End
BMS controller and HV Front End, enclosed.


This table lists all the available controllers.

Note: * = An external current sensor, is required, unless the battery current value is already present on the CAN Bus.

PN Master HVFE Enclosure Current sensor
Board level BMS controller 2CN0000E - *
Board level BMS controller 2CN0000H *
2CN0005H 5 A
2CN0020H 20 A
2CN0050H 50 A
2CN0055H 50 A & 5 A
2CN0070H 50 A & 20 A
2CN0100H 100 A
2CN0105H 100 A & 5 A
2CN0120H 100 A & 20 A
2CN0200H 200 A
2CN0205H 200 A & 5 A
2CN0220H 200 A & 20 A
Board level BMS controller 2HR0000E - *
2HR0005E - 5 A
2HR0020E - 20 A
2HR0050E - 50 A
2HR0055E - 50 A & 5 A
2HR0070E - 50 A & 20 A
2HR0100E - 100 A
2HR0105E - 100 A & 5 A
2HR0120E - 100 A & 20 A
2HR0200E - 200 A
2HR0205E - 200 A & 5 A
2HR0220E - 200 A & 20 A


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