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Cell board, prismatic, multiple cells

1PMxxxx, Cell Boards for multiple prismatic cells - Notice: This product has been discontinued and is no longer available

Each of these cell boards handles a number of prismatic cells
(as opposed to a 1PR0xxx, which handles a single cell per board).
  • Custom made to fit most sizes of large prismatic cells
  • Placed horizontally on top of cells, between the terminals
  • Connected to cells through ring terminals
  • One Cell Board per cell (or set of multiple cells in parallel)
  • Flat shape: doesn't extend past current carrying bolts
  • These cell boards require a BMS master to form a complete BMS
Prismatic cell multiple prismatic cells with cell board Multiple prismatic cell board


These cell boards can be used with a variety of prismatic cells, in a variety of configurations.

Installation is straightforward:

  1. Mount cell board on area between cell terminals
  2. Mount cell board's ring terminals on the cells' terminals
Two cell boardsClick picture to enlarge
Cell boards for 5 each, K2 prismatic batteries


These standard Cell Boards are compatible with a wide range of prismatic cells available on the market today, including:

Brand Model
  • SE40AHA - 46 x 116 x 182, 64, 40 Ah
  • SE70AHA - 61 x 115 x 212, 60 70 Ah
  • SE100AHA - 67 x 142 x 217, 81, 100 Ah
  • SE120AHA - ?, 120 Ah
  • SE180AHA - 71 x 182 x 280, 106, 180 Ah
  • SE200AHA - 46 x 116 x 182, 200 Ah
  • SE300AHA - 55 x 365 x 298, 210, 300 Ah
  • SE400AHA - 71 x 450 x 278, 400 Ah
Shandong HiPower
  • 50 Ah 42 x 151 x 178 - 84.5, 50 Ah
  • 100 Ah 50 x 162 x 270 - 97, 100 Ah
  • 200 Ah 57 x 220 x 335 - ??, 200 Ah
Sky Energy
  • SE40AHA 116x185x46 - 64, 40 Ah
  • SE60AHA 115x215x61 - 60, 60 Ah
  • SE100AHA 142x220x67 - 81, 100 Ah
  • SE120AHA 182x283x57 - 100, 120 Ah
  • SE180AHA 182x283x71 - 106, 180 Ah
  • SE400AHA 450x283x71 - 210, 400 Ah
  • 30210 - 182 x 46 x 280 - 100 Ah
  • 30211 - 183 x 82 x 280 - 200 Ah


General specifications (for detailed specifications, please see the Lithiumate™ Manual).

Electrical Specifications

Symbol Item Conditions Min Nom Max Units
Vrange Cell voltage sensing range - 2.09 - 4.54 V
Vaccur Cell voltage sensing accuracy Within Vrange - ±10 ±15 mV
Isply Cell load current Stand-by - - 2.0 µA
1-reading / sec
- 1.5 2.0 mA
Balancing - 200 - mA
VISOL Isolation voltage End cell boards
Between battery & low voltage
- 2500 - V

Mechanical Specifications

Item Dimensions
Thickness w/components 0.071" / 1.79 mm
Connector thickness, right angle 0.27" / 6.8 mm



A bank can be handled in one of two ways:

  • Full bank: a single cell board handles the entire bank
  • Split bank: 2 or more cell boards handle the bank:
    • A positive cell board on its most positive cell
    • A negative cell board on its most negative cell
    • Zero or more mid-bank cell boards on any remaining cells
Bank Type Range Cable to
BMS board
Wires to adjacent cell boards
Full Full-bank Handles the entire bank
Range of Full-Bank cell board
Through two 2-pin connectors N.A.
Split Positive End Handles the post positive portion of the bank
Range of Positive-End cell board
Red and black wires through a 2-pin connector A single wire to the next cell board
Mid-bank Handles a central portion of the bank
Range of Mid-Bank cell board
N.A. Two single wires, one to the previous cell board, one to the next one
Negative End Handles the post negative portion of the bank
Range of Negative-End cell board
White and green wires through a 2-pin connector A single wire to the previous cell board


  • When a single cell board handles the entire bank, a "Full bank" cell board is used
  • When 2 cell boards handle a bank, a "Positive end" cell board is used at the most positive end of the bank, and a "Negative end" one is used at the most negative end of the bank
  • When 3 cell boards handle a bank, a "Positive end" cell board is used at the positive end, a "Mid bank" one is used in the middle, and a "Negative end" one is used at the negative end
  • When n cell boards handle a bank, a "Positive end" cell board is used at the positive end, n-2 "Mid bank" ones are used in the middle, and a "Negative end" one is used at the negative end


Right angle connectors are standard on full bank and end boards. Cell boards with straight connectors or no connectors are also available

Part numbering

Part number: 1PM1234B:

  • 1 = Cell Board
  • PM = prismatic multiple
  • 12 = Number of cells in series (available: 2 to 16)
  • 34 = Centerline spacing between cells
  • B = full bank (available: B = full bank; M = mid-bank; P = positive end; N = negative end)


To order, please see the Lithiumate BMS ordering form.

There is an additional NRE charge for these cell boards, for PCB layout and manufacture set-up.

As these cell boards are made to order, to order please contact us first.


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