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Lithiumate™ - Li-Ion Balance Booster™

Cell board accessory to speed up balancing

This optional assembly, added to a standard cell board, increases its balancing current by a factor of 10, to approximately 2 A.

Multiple Balance Boosters may be used per cell board, to increase the balancing current even further.

A Balance Booster consists of a large, flat PCB assembly, which doubles as a heat sink. It has two power wires (to be connected to the cell terminals), and a control wire (to be soldered to the corresponding cell board).

The mounting method is not specified, as mechanical and thermal considerations depend on the particular application and on the format of the cells used. Mounting holes are provided, and one of the surfaces is completely flat, allowing surface mounting.

Note: Very few applications need Balance Boosters. In most cases, the balancing current of the standard cell boards is sufficient.
Please read the "How Much Balance Current?" white paper for more information.

Balance BoosterClick picture to enlarge
Li-Ion Balance Booster™


Simplified specifications

Symbol Item Conditions Min Nom Max Units
Voper Operating voltage - 2.5 - 4.5 V
Ibal Balance current 3.5 V 1.8 2.9 A
4.2 V 2.0


Please see the installation instructions


To order, please see the Lithiumate BMS ordering form.


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