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Please prepare this information about your system and then contact us using one of the methods below.

Lithiumate Pro



Before you write, please note:

  • We sell Li-Ion BMS (just the electronics) for large batteries (24 V to 1000 V, ≥1 kWh);
    we do not sell individual cells or cmplete batteries
  • We also offer additional tech support options
Feel free to write us in your own language:
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Email options:

  • Create an email message to
    • , for present customers. Presently we are unable to accept new customers.
    • , for present customers
    • , if you already have an Elithion BMS
    • , unrelated to sales or tech support
  • Or, use this form:


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NOTE: we no longer use telephones. If you call and leave a message, someone will call you within 10 working days, asking you to please write us instead.

Phone numbers:
Elithion: 1-720-466-7006
Tool free: 888-800-7030 (USA only)

For faster response, please email us instead.


Offices, for mail only:

Elithion Inc.
16 Mountain View Ave / Ste 101
Longmont CO


Factory, for packages:

Elithion Inc. / QSC
630 S Sunset St
Longmont, CO


Do not return product without first receiving a return authorization (RMA) from Elithion. Returns without an RMA cannot be tracked, and will be charged an additional $ 25.

Elithion's building
Longmont office
Elithion's building
Boulder office


Tech support via Skype.
Please email us first to make us aware of your contact request.



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