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Lithiumate™ displays

SOC displays, full function displays

Elithion SOC displays

These displays are CAN bus based, and show the SOC (State Of Charge) with 10 LEDs, and the status of the BMS with 5 color coded LEDs.

They are available in open or enclosed, and 4 different CAN bus speeds.

Open Enclosed
Open assembly, round display Enclosed, round display
Configurable 6DS0000K 6DS0000E
125 kbps 6DS0125K 6DS0125E
250 kbps 6DS0250K 6DS0250E
500 kbps 6DS0500K Obsolete 6DS0500E Obsolete
1 Mbps 6DS1000K Obsolete 6DS1000E Obsolete

Elithion Touchscreen display

This display connects to the USB port on the Lithiumate HD or to the RS232 port on the Lithiumate Pro with an RS232 to USB adapter. It shows the SOC (State Of Charge), the battery current and direction, temperature and warnings and faults.

Item P/N
Touch screen display 6DR0007T
Touch-screen display
Touch screen display

Third party displays

Other companies offer displays that are compatible with the Lithiumate BMS.


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