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Vinci LV BMS, Vincilink topology for strings in parallel

Description, configuration and ordering


This topology is for batteries that have strings connected directly and permanently in parallel. (If not, each string forms a separate battery, each requiring its own BMS.)

The BMS uses a Master/Slave topology, consisting of a Master and a number of modules; communication between them is through a 2-wire daisy chain.

The Slaves sense cell voltages through a number of tap wires.

Block diagram
VinciLink topology

The BMS consists of:

Item Info Function Qty
Vinci LV Battery Master Info Manage the battery 1
VinciLink slaves Info Handle a string 1 / string
Power switch Info Precharge, disconnect the battery 1
Current sensors Info Sense the battery current 0~2
Cell wiring components Info Connection to the cells 1 / string
Communications adapters Info To a computer for monitoring (1)

To manage an array of batteries on a low voltage bus:

Item Info Function Qty
Array Master Info Manage the array 1


System configuration and ordering

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