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Lithiumate™ Lite breakouts

RJ45 modular cable splitter

These breakouts are connected to the RJ45 (Ethernet) cable from the Master on one side, and to end cell boards on the other side.

They can be connected to two banks: "yellow" and "green" (same colors as the LEDs on the RJ45 connector on the Master)

For a given bank, one cable goes to the positive end cell board, one to the negative end cell board. The two connectors are different from each other, to present misconnection.

They are available in multiple lengths.

Lithiumate Lite breakout Click picture to enlarge
1BR4444K: Lithiumate Lite breakout


Cable length Part number Notes
1" / 0.3m 1BR1111K Stocked
2" / 0.6m 1BR2222K Stocked
4" / 1.2m 1BR4444K Stocked

Other lengths available as special order of high volume.

For replacement parts, please order from the same reseller from whom you originally bought your kit.


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